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There is no shortage of “summer” blogs for us ladies. Most of them go a little something like this…“10 Tricks to Get a Summer Body”, “7 Ways to Get Bikini Ready in Time for Summer”, “25 Tips to Look Great this Summer”.

These articles usually are filled with lists of how to cram workouts in our packed schedules, how to avoid food at all of our summer BBQs, and where to get the right type of makeup that won’t sweat off while we’re living our lives in summer weather. UGH! We totally want to feel sexy, we definitely want to rock whatever bikinis we feel great in, and from time to time we want our faces to be snatched even while it’s sweating under-boobs out there.

But, more importantly we want to love our summers without having to diet or buy a whole new wardrobe. We want to love our body and our life exactly where it is today. We want to be comfortable snorkeling around a Caribbean lagoon in a bikini instead of staying on the boat. And we want to love all our skin’s unique freckles, age-spots, lines, and pesky acne even when all of our make-up has already damn-near sweat off. We want to love ourselves this summer!


So here it is. The definitive summer list. Zandi K style!


1. Love your body for everything it does for you - now. 

We love fitness when the goal isn’t self destructive. We sweat and move to boost our moods, to show up authentically in our worlds, to enjoy our families, and to teach us life lessons. The proven benefits of regular exercise are beyond number. Fitness is a huge part of our lives, even though we may fail to be as great with it as we wish we were, but deep down we know that exercising is important, not just the result. If you are on a weight loss/gain journey and fitness is part of that journey, that’s great! But if you work out every damn day and do it for other reasons, that’s great too! Your body is doing incredible things for you every second of every day! Love your booty, big or little. Love your thighs and hips and breasts, no matter the size. Show your body love and love it just how it is!


2. Remember that food is a gift to your body but also your soul.

It is not something that is “bad” or “good”. Fresh fruits and vegetables are at their peak right now and going to all my local farmer’s markets is one of our favorite pastimes. So, enjoy good, nourishing food this summer. But also enjoy the smore’s that you sat around a fire laughing with your girlfriends over. Enjoy the frozen vodka gummy popsicles that your best friend spent hours making after a Pinterest binge. Those are the memories you will always remember!


 3. Do things that make YOU feel beautiful. 

Girl, do you. If the gym is your spot and that banging body makes you feel beautiful, do it. If you love your lashes and brows and that’s what makes you feel beautiful, do it. If you love a full face of makeup no matter where you are headed and that makes you feel beautiful, do it. On the other hand, if none of that is your thing, that’s amazing too. If your place of beauty is the top of a mountain without a stick of makeup on, or the most amazing new restaurant in town eating great food with great friends until you have to unbutton your pants, do it. In fact, we all get the choice to be a little bit of both and that is the most beautiful thing of all.


4. Love other women and help them love themselves. 

Glamazons, love your plain jane sisters. And plain janes, do the same for your glamazon sisters! Thick sisters, love your thin sisters and thin sisters, do the same for your thick girls! When we support and build up, we all get ahead. So, compliment each other. Let’s make each other feel good. Make friends with a woman who you might not normally at the bar, at the pool, at the beach, at the gym. We are a tribe and we are stronger and better together.


5.Embrace your sexiness. No matter what. 

Summer is one of the sexiest times of year. It isn’t about your body or your look; it’s about how you feel and how you exude that to the rest of the world. Don’t be afraid to relish in the sexiness of your womanhood girl, whatever it means to you!


 6. If all else fails, fuck it and just have fun.

Fill your summer with joy. Enjoy your friends, your family, the beautiful weather. Remember no one will remember what you wore or how much you weighed - but the memories of how you felt and made others feel will last forever. 


Spend time outside, half naked in the heat with the people you love, doing the things that you love. And most important of all… make sure your summer involves water, sunscreen, and a pretty kitty!




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